​Italy is one of the European countries with the largest coastal development, and the seas in front of its coast contain a huge heritage of archeological treasures due to the passing of many civilizations, treasures that must be defended against new pirate divers, ready to sell abroad that which is the heritage of the whole of our country.

The divers squad of the Coast Guard are specialized teams of divers, trained at the Raiders and Divers Group of the Navy, and have distinguished themselves in recent years in campaigns of discovery and protection of underwater archaeological heritage. a challenging job in a difficult marine environment, especially because of the difficulty in which it often has to operate. 

The experience of the squad has matured in close collaboration with the various squads of Underwater Archaeology such as the Archaeological Superintendence of Italian coastal regions. Below are listed some of the interventions (since 1995) of greater importance on submerged archaeological sites:

  • archaeological campaign on Pontine Islands: underwater reconnaissance carried out on the seabed in order to ensure the remains of submerged structures of the Roman Villa of the I century. B.C. and verification of the architectural structures of the Villa of Tiberius;

  • archaeological campaign in Portofino locality: underwater inspection in the port of Portofino where archaeological remains have been identified and recovered, consisting of amphorae and pottery dating back to Roman times; 

  • archaeological campaign in Terracina: observations on Roman shipwreck, ensuring the presence of a load of construction material (clay roofing tiles); 

  • archaeological campaign in "Fosso  Cognolo" (Cupra Marittima): carried out systematic researches in order to identify evidence demonstrating the possible presence of ruins of an ancient Roman trading port;

  • archaeological Campaign in Alassio: immersions in area of a sunken wreck near Gallinara island in order to verify the integrity of the archaeological site