​Coast Guard Commandant's Decree n. 1 dated 5th January 2004 stated that the Messina Naval Support Department would be part of the Harbour Master's Office of Catania with the following responsibilities: administrative-logistical support to crews of the ships therein directed; ships efficient maintenance; management of the properties already part of the Navy Base and in use of the Coast Guard Headquarters.

The Naval Support Department is structured as follows:

  1. Personnel  section

  2. Administrative and infrastructure section

  3. Technical - Logistics section ​

Descrizione: Supporto Navale Messina

The same Decree created also the 6th Coast Guard Squadron, based in Messina and reporting to the Harbour Master's Office of Catania;  the following ships have been assigned to this Squadron:

Ship "SAETTIA" CP 901 (on reserve); Ship "FIORILLO" CP 904; Ship "PELUSO" CP 905; Ship "CORSI" CP 906 and Ship "MAGLIANO" CP 404. Eventually, the naval component of the Coast Guard Headquarters has been provided with bigger ships of the Supply Vessel type (Ship "DATTILO" CP 940 and ship "DICIOTTI" CP 941 already operative, and Ship "GREGORETTI" CP 920 on delivery) with operative capacity and autonomy for long-range operations.

The remaining units class "400" are widely spread within the entire national territory.