​​​Fishing licence

The fishing licence is the document that authorizes to carry out professional fishing activity and is released to the owner of a vessel duly entered in the registers of the fishing enterprises (Legislative Decree n. 153/2004) by the Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policy - Directorate-General for Fisheries and Aquaculture – managerial unit "PEMAC III".

The document authorizes professional fishing activity only with the gear indicated in it. The document is valid for a period of eight years from its release, but takes effect only after the payment of the license fee, and is renewable upon request. Pending renew of the fishing license by the central Administration, Coast Guard offices are able to issue a provisional replacement attestation of the fishing license.

All the data concerning the vessel owner/charterer and the vessel itself are entered in the electronic fishing licenses database (Fleet Register) that allows to control the Italian fishing fleet in real time. Beyond fishing professional licenses, specific licenses for vessels operating in aquaculture facilities or serving inside of them as support units for professional fishing are also issued.

A specific authorization to be kept on board is released to the vessels that, apart from professional fishing, work "subservient to facility" or as "support for underwater fishing". Furthermore, there are specific documents to permit the capture of the juvenile fishes.  

Finally, it is opportune to inform all whom it may concern that, in case a ship is to be built or purchased, if not provided with a license, or to import, or to be adapted in terms of technical requirements, it is necessary to ask the required authorization from the Ministry beforehand.

New licenses

For issuing a fishing license, the person concerned (vessel owner or charterer) will deliver an application (directly or through registered post with recorded delivery) according to Annex B to the Ministerial Decree dated 26th January 2012, together with the documents listed in it (which will be provided by the Coast Guard Office).

In no case will the Ministry release a license if the person concerned hasn't obtained the required authorization.

For revalidation of fishing licenses, or substitution or amendments to them, the person concerned (vessel owner or charterer) will deliver to the Ministry, through the vessel registration office, an application provided with tax stamp and authenticated signatures

Pending review of the fishing license, the vessel registration office can issue a provisional attestation with time of validity limited to the license fee expiry date.


As provided for in article 3 of Ministerial Decree dated 26th July 1995, the person interested to engage in fishing (vessel owner or charterer), for the ship to build or purchase if not provided with a license, or to import, or to be adapted in terms of technical requirements, must request the clearance to the Ministry beforehand. The application, provided with tax stamp and authenticated signatures (or, as an alternative, with an ID copy), is delivered through registered post with recorded delivery or directly presented to the Ministry.

After providing the technical specifications of the vessel to be used, the concerned person must attach:

  • for the vessels to be utilized in an aquaculture facility: appropriate documentation that shows the ownership of the facility or the authorization to use it;

  • ​for the vessels to be used to support for professional underwater fishing: copy of the authorization for "professional underwater fishing" issued by the Coast Guard Office or by the Region competent to control the fulfillment of the applicable requirements: this authorization is to be renewed every year and complements the issued fishing license.

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