Vice Admiral (ITCG) Giovanni PETTORINO was born in Rome on 24th July 1956. Married, and father of two sons, he graduated in Political Sciences at "La Sapienza" Rome University. After having formed part of the military sports group "Fiamme Gialle" for more than four years, in 1981 he attended the ITCG Officers' course at the Naval Academy in Livorno. Subsequently, he carried out his training on board ITN frigate "Alpino" and minesweeper "Larice" and served at Naples and Viareggio Coast Guard Offices.

He attended the 13th Course for ITCG offshore patrol vessels commanding officers in 1986, the 14th General Staff Course at the Maritime War Institute in Livorno in 1994/1995, and the 1st Course at the Joint Services Staff College in 1998/1999. In 1988 he earned a specialization degree in International Maritime Law at the 2nd Rome University.

Harbour Master and Commandant of Sanremo Coast Guard Office in 1989/1990, afterwards he served at the Italian Coast Guard Headquarters in Rome and, in 1991/1992, took part in the 1st mission to Albania, joining the 22nd ITN Naval Group. From July 1995 to August 1999 he served as Deputy Commandant of Pescara Coast Guard Office.

Harbour Master and Commandant of Gioia Tauro Coast Guard Office in 1999/2001, he also served as Associate Commissioner of Gioia Tauro Port Authority from February 2000 to February 2001. From 10th February 2001 to 18th October 2004 he served at the Italian Coast Guard Headquarters in Rome, at first as Head of institutional services and legal affairs Office, then as Senior Officer in charge of liaison with the Italian Parliament. From October 2004 to October 2005 he served at the Cabinet Office of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Transport as Attaché Senior Officer to the Minister.

Harbour Master and Commandant of La Spezia Coast Guard Office in 2005/2007, afterwards he was assigned at the Italian Coast Guard Headquarters in Rome as Assistant to the ITCG Commandant in 2007/2010, and he also served as Head of ITCG Public Relations Office from September 2008 to September 2009.

Harbour Master and Commandant of Ancona Coast Guard Office and Marche Maritime Director (ITCG Regional Commandant) from 18th September 2010 to 28th October 2013.

From 29th October 2013 to 2nd October 2015 he served at the Italian Coast Guard Headquarters in Rome as Head of 3rd Department - Plans and Operations (the Italian Maritime Rescue Coordination Center - IMRCC - depends on the ITCG 3rd Department).

Harbour Master and Commandant of Genoa Coast Guard Office and Liguria Maritime Director (ITCG Regional Commandant) from 3rd October 2015 to 9th February 2018, he also served as Special Commissioner of the Genoa Port Authority from 23rd November 2015 to 1st  December 2016.

On 10th February 2018 (by Presidential Decree dated 8th January 2018, after Council of Ministers' Resolution dated 29th December 2017) he was appointed Commandant of the Italian Coast Guard and promoted to the rank of Vice Admiral (ITCG).

He was awarded with:

  • "Officer" of the Order of Merit of the Italian Republic

  • "Mauriziana" medal for military service

  •  "Golden Cross" for senior military service

  • "Commemorative Cross" for international rescue activities in Albania

  • "Knight's Cross with swords" of merit of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta - SMOM

"Knight" of merit the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of St. George