The first car listed in the register "Serial Motor Vehicles" was a dark green Fiat 500 C Giardinetta Belvedere (purchased - for 794,000 Lire - by the then General Inspectorate of the Harbour Masters Corps on 12th October 1949); with its number plate "CP 1001" the car was assigned to the Harbour Master Office of Genoa.

The other models that followed were the Fiat 1100, the most used and widespread car throughout the country, the Fiat 1400​, the Fiat 1500 and the Lancia Aurelia and Ardea.

In those years there was also the purchase of the first off-road vehicle (Jeep Willis) and the first motorcycle "Motoleggera MD 98".

Up to now the vehicle fleet of the Coast Guard has a consistency of 912 vehicles, 63 motorcycles and 147 undercarriages.

Every year the component, for the delivery of institutional services, runs up a total of about 10 million kilometers.